Planning unforgettable experiences has been our passion for over 30 years.  Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning.

Our Mission

Travel As You Like lt, lnc. is a travel agency dedicated to creating amazing vacation experiences for any and all travelers, while specializing in exquisite vacations for those with special needs, including the visually challenged.

Our Success

Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning.  ln fact, many clients' children have become clients in their own right!  Over the years, we have built a community of families who, through us, have fulfilled their dream to experience the world in new and exceptional ways.  

Early in 2012, we had our first of many wonderful experiences coordinating a vacation to Italy for a visually challenged client. Her name is Melissa.

By carefully and meticulously planning out each day of Melissa's vacation, we were able to create a wonderful vacation experience tailored to Melissa's interests - through touch, taste, hearing and smell.

Upon her return, Melissa told us how transformational this trip had been. The vacation we had planned for her had stoked a new desire to explore more of the world.

It was from that moment that we realized we had our mission:to create amazing vacation experiences, exquisitely tailored for the visually challenged.

Jayne Bliss is my go-to travel executive that I have relied on for all my excursions for the past 15 years. Whether it’s a Greek Island yachting experience, African luxury safari camp, Uruguayan back-country day-trip, Cabo San Lucas private home or private jet charter when all commercial flights are booked, Jayne gets the first call. She is experienced, reliable and conscious of her customer priorities. Jayne, gets all the credit for keeping wife and kids ecstatic with all my family travel plans!
— Michael C. Hoffman, Managing Director, Metalmark Capital
Jayne goes beyond. That really sums it up. You and your trip mean more to her than anything. If you are stuck with a delayed flight, bad weather, whatever.....she will not stop until the problem is solved. 24/7! I have personally called her early on a Sunday morning where she insisted that she would not leave her desk until we were safely on our flight home. That is dedication. In a health emergency she got me out on the next flight and made me feel calm and taken care of.

She has extensive knowledge of so many destinations. She has booked trips for us to: Italy, Switzerland, Anguilla, Parrot Cay, Miami, The BVI, California, Wyoming, Montana....the list goes on. She understands the need of families (we have 3 kids) and has adjusted our trips as our kids have grown from babies to teenagers. She also knows how to seamlessly book a romantic getaway. Jayne can do it all and thinks of everything.

I would trust her with anything. Her dedication is unsurpassed. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

She is more than a travel agent, she is your guardian angel as your travel with out a care.
— Jessica Lattman, MD
My husband and I had always wanted to visit Italy. We have three children, ages 15, 13 and 8. Our youngest child has cerebral palsy. He is almost totally physically handicapped and uses a wheelchair. We were not sure if this trip would be possible. I thought I could plan the trip myself, but soon realized I would not be able to do it alone.

A friend recommended Jayne to us. Jayne planned the perfect trip for us! Not only did she make sure my son would be comfortable and able to access all that we did, she made sure all three of my children, and my husband and I, would have the perfect vacation. The guides she arranged for us were wonderful, with knowledge, experience and patience (much needed when traveling with a child with CP!). The hotel and home that we stayed in were beautiful, ideally located, and perfect for our situation. She made excellent suggestions for sight seeing. She also checked in on us more than once while we in Italy.

In short, Jayne helped us to realize that, with the right person to help, no vacation is impossible for us. Thank you, Jayne!
— Jan Puttman
Jayne Bliss is the best! We have been working with her for almost 10 years. She never disappoints!

We take a trip each summer abroad (South Africa safari, Turkey, Spain, UK, Italy (two visits), Eastern Europe with 2 other families, 14 of us traveling together. Many details to organize and she is on top of it all. She takes a personal interest in our travels and wants to assure that it is perfect.

She even checks in with us by phone when we are abroad!

I have referred Jayne to many and everyone is extremely pleased. I have never experienced such care and professionalism. The best!
— Marylou Queally Salvati
Jayne is a dream travel advisor and orchestrator. She learns about you, your preferences, your personality, and then collaborates to create a fabulous travel event. I trust her judgment, her expertise, and her counsel. Her care comes through as she goes above and beyond to insure that each detail of your journey is seamless and joyful. Her warmth, intelligence, and resourcefulness combine to guide you through landmark vacation experiences. We truly value this special relationship.
— Lois Tamir