Exceptional Vacations for Those with Special Needs

  • Vision impaired

  • Physically challenged

For over 30 years Jayne Bliss, founder of Travel As You Like It, has taken great pride in the way she plans wonderful vacation experiences for her clients. Her mantra: “You get to the airport and we’ll take care of the rest” guarantees that while you effortlessly enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, her staff will be there behind the scenes, taking care of every detail: dealing with hotels, cars and drivers, dietary needs, addressing allergies, and attending to any other special requests that occur before, during, and after the trip. Our guides are skilled and briefed in advance, so every tour is appropriately designed for the client. Though everything is addressed ahead of time, adjusting an itinerary is never a problem.
Our attention to detail is particularly important when we're helping our clients with special needs. We carefully assesses the travel requirements of our clients with special needs and then construct exquisite travel itineraries that encourage our travelers to "explore the world with all of their senses”. Our travel advisors coordinate privately guided tours and experiences that allow our travelers to encounter local customs, culture and cuisine through all of the primary senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight.
Thus, a person with visual impairment is encouraged to “taste, touch, and smell” the local cuisine via a private cooking class taught by a locally renowned chef. That traveler can also expect a privately guided tour through a local museum where they are offered a chance to run their hands across historical artifacts produced by famous Renaissance masters. These and many more experiences await, all accompanied by private car, perfectly crafted menus, and luxurious hotels.
Over the years, Travel As You Like It has created vacation experiences for clients with a variety of special needs. Our travel agents have tremendous experience designing itineraries for those who need wheelchair access, those on the autism spectrum, mentally challenged, visually impaired and more. For Jayne, each special need presents a unique way of experiencing the world.
It’s not just that we take care of every detail – its that we care deeply about our clients and the places they inhabit. We are therefore dedicated to helping our clients take their personally tailored journey through this amazing world.

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