Travel As You Like It – Executive Travel Services Program

Travel As You Like It has developed an exclusive business travel program for business travelers who place value on the highest level of personalized service, comfort and reliability. This program is not designed around online booking tools or international call centers; it is has been built to provide the highly responsive, personalized service you deserve.

The Executive Travel Services Program is so much more than travel planning. Our personal travel consultants are an extension of your staff, attending to any requirement, from your initial request to your return. No request is turned away. No need is unmet. Whether handling a single traveler or a large group we ensure that your experience en route is comfortable, dependable, and attended; placing you at your intended destination prepared to do what you do best.

Preferred Travel Pofile

The Executive Travel Services Program is built around a detailed Preferred Traveler Profile, which details critical traveler preferences such as:

  • Dietary & medical requirements

  • Private jet & limo services

  • Seating preferences

  • Loyalty program membership

  • Passport & traveler documentation services

With this Preferred Traveler Profile, your personal travel consultant can construct a business travel itinerary that anticipates your needs and resolves problems well before they can derail an important trip.  

Pre-planning, en-route support, and post trip follow up

Our meticulous pre-planning will ensure that you are treated with the utmost care and respect throughout your journey. Hotels are notified ahead of your stay, so that they may prepare a special amenity or upgrade, if possible. Car transfers are ready and waiting. Restaurants are prepared to handle your reservation at that special table. Every detail is managed to your preferences.

Should you need help at any point in the trip, our agents are standing by, ready to provide fast, efficient support designed to resume your business with as little interruption as possible.

And finally, on your return, we will check in with you or your staff, to debrief and determine if anything needs to be addressed ahead of your next trip.

This is our promise to you.

Access to Exclusive Amenities, Upgrades and Pricing

As a member of the Tzell Travel Group, one of the largest travel agency organizations in the United States, Travel As You Like It has access to numerous exclusive amenities, upgrades and pricing from our travel supplier partners.


If you're looking for more information, please contact Jayne at 1.212.339.2946.